Quality Micro-Optic Accessories...

"under the microscope" since 1988.

Obtaining optimum inspection results requires the use of a total optical system that is second to none. At SNR Machine Company we provide the foundation for the highest quality systems demanded by the industry.  

Thousands of our microscopes and other products have been supplied to the microscopy industry for nearly twenty years to facilities such as, Intel, Motorola, Boeing, NASA, Microchip, Raytheon, Crime Labs, and Universities.  

Our products are MADE IN THE USA of the finest materials, finishes, and workmanship available. They support quality micro-optics from MEIJI, NIKON, OLYMPUS, LEICA, ZEISS and others with the 5/8" focus mount dowel.  

We also a tool interface device for Milling Machines...the CRANK YANKER™.

Images provided by... John Samora Photography




Proudly made in the USA!